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Recent Updates

KCR has forgotten the sacrifices of the Telangana Martyrs.

KCR has decieved the Dalit brothers in Telangana by not puttingup a dalit CM.

KCR has failed to give 3 acres to Dalit brothers of Telangana as promissed.

KCR has made Hyderabad as drug capital of India.

KCR has led a rich state into debt trap.

KCR’s government has failed in giving safety and security to women in the state.

TRS has failed in containing MIM’s atrocities in the old city.

KCR ignores Telangana Liberation Day.

KCR has failed to contain migrations from Palamuru.

KCR shows no empathy towards suicides of farmers in Telangana.

KCR sheds crocodile tears for Punjab Farmers.

Healthcare on deathbed in KCR regime.

KCR honouring traitors of Telangana movement with ministries.

Poor are suffering due to KCR Government’s apathy in giving welfare schemes.

KCR is wasting tax money on unnecessary personal trips.